The Best Eye Black Designs: Stand Out On the Field

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Eye Black Designs
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Athletes know the importance of having a unique look while playing their sport. It not only sets them apart from their opponents but also gives them a boost of confidence. One popular way to achieve this is by wearing eye black designs! Eye black has been used by athletes for many years and now, designers have taken it up a notch by creating intricate and personalized designs. Here, we will explore the world of eye-black designs and how you can stand out on the field with them.

Eye Black Designs

Eye Black Designs #1 – The Basic Black

One of the most traditional looks is the classic black-eye black design. It is designed to absorb and block out the sun’s glare and improve visibility on the field. The designs are simple and can be applied with ease. One popular brand, Under Armour, offers a classic black roll-on eye black that is sweat-proof, water-resistant, and long-lasting.

For more information on the best eye black products, see our article on the Best Eye Black for Baseball.

Eye Black Designs #2 – Colored Designs

While the classic black eye black is timeless, many athletes are opting for colored designs now. It adds some extra fun to the game and helps to convey their team’s spirit! One company that specializes in colored eye black is They offer a range of colors and designs, including logos of popular sports teams.

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Eye Black Designs #3 – Custom Eye Black

The best way to stand out on the field is to get custom eye black! There are many companies that offer personalized eye black designs so you can have your name, number, team logo or even your own design. Custom eye black is perfect for team building and bonding and makes for an awesome photo op.

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Eye Black Designs #4 – Glitter and Rhinestones

If you prefer a little bling in your game then glitter or rhinestone eye black designs could be perfect for you! It not only adds some sparkle but also improves your visibility on the field. These designs are becoming increasingly popular among cheerleaders and dance teams!

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Eye Black Designs #5 – DIY Eye Black

Last but not least, you can create your own eye black designs at home! DIY eye black design is easy, fun, and gives a personal touch to your game. You can use eyeliner, black grease paint or even create your own stencils. There are many tutorials online to guide you through the process.

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Eye black designs are not only a fashionable choice but also serve a practical purpose by blocking out the sun’s glare and improving vision on the field. With customizable designs and various colors, patterns and shapes available, the options for athletes have never been better. Explore the world of eye black and never forget that looking good can help boost your performance on the field!

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